There’s nothing modest about our festival’s producers and suppliers who represent Greece’s most passionate and talented winemakers. They tirelessly pull and twist corks and screw caps, to consistently reveal exceptional wines soaked in character, complexity and a sense of place.

Collectively they salute the London wine scene as hugely significant to their trade, and deem our London Greek Wine Festival a much celebrated opportunity to share with us their fine, undiscovered and premium collections.

Of course, it’s not all sniffing, spitting and solemn conversation; this festival will be a happy and illuminating voyage with old friends and new, all partaking in a thriving Greek wine spectacle that’s been lovingly nurtured through millennia.

Maltby & Greek - - UK contact +44 (0)20 7993 4548

Domaine Spiropoulos
Spiropoulos, Mantinia PDO Moschofilero Organic, 2015, White 

Aosom Wine Racks Canada
Aosom Wine Racks Canada

Domaine Karanika -
Karanika, Brut Cuvee Special Xinomavro, White Sparkling
Karanika, Brut Rose Xinomavro 2013, Rose Sparkling
Karanika, Brut Prestige, 60% Assyrtiko-40% Xinomavro, Sparkling

Domaine Sigalas -
Sigalas, 'Mm' Mandilaria-Mavrotragano 2014, Red
Sigalas, Santorini PDO Assyrtiko 2015, White
Sigalas, Aïdani 2014, White

Mylonas Winery -
Mylonas, Savatiano 2015, White
Mylonas, Malagousia 2015, White
Mylonas, Sunday 85% Savatiano - 15% Aïdani, Sweet

Ktima Kokotos –
Kokotos, Estate Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot 2011, Red
Kokotos, Treis Parades Roditis Gewurztraminer 2015, White
Kokotos, 'Klefta Kissa' Merlot-Cabernet Sauvignon 2015, Rose

Domaine Vourvoukelis -
Vourvoukelis, Assyrtiko, 2015, White
Vourvoukelis, Limnio 2015, Red 

Rouvalis 'Asprolithi' Roditis, 2015, White

Nopera 'Roya' Dry Muscat, 2014, White
Nopera Vintage Sweet Muscat, 2013
Nopera Epitome Sweet Muscat 

Douloufakis 'Dafnios' Vidiano, 2015, White
Douloufakis 'Aspros Lagos' Vidiano Barrel, 2015, White
Douloufakis 'Dafnios' Liatiko, 2014, Red


WImbledon Wine Cellar - - UK contact: Andrew Pavli +44 (0)7949 078928

La Tour Melas, Cyrus One 2014, Red
La Tour Melas, Palies Rizes 2013, Red
La Tour Melas 2014 (barrel sample), Red

Bizios, Nemea, Agiorgitiko 2010, Red
Bizios, Cabernet-Agiorgitiko 2008, Red
Bizios, Moschofilero 2014, White

T-Oinos Avgoustitiatis 2011, Red
T-Oinos Malagouzia 2014, White
T-Oinos Clos Stegasta Assyrtiko, 2015, White
T-Oinos Mavrotragano 2011, Red
T-Oinos Clos Stegasta Mavrotragano 2013, Red

Vassaltis, Assyrtiko 2015, White
Vassaltis, Barrel Aged Assyrtiko, 2015, White

Papaioannou, Nemea, Old Vines Agiorgitiko 2010, Red
Papaioannou, Fume Chardonnay 2014, White

Boutinot - - UK contact: Christina Cavender +44 (0)1619 081 314

Domaine Papagiannakos -
Papagiannakos, Kalogeri Malagouzia 2015, White
Papagiannakos, Savatiano 2015, White
Papagiannakos, Savatiano Single Vineyard 'Vientzi' 2015, White
Papagiannakos, Retsina 2015, White
Papagiannakos, Erythros 2013, Red
Papagiannakos, Melias 2015, Dessert

Eclectic Wines - - UK contact: Mary Pateras [email protected] +44 (0)7909 963293

Hatzidakis, Santorini Assyrtiko 2015, White
Hatzidakis, Organic Aidani 2015, White

Karamolegos, Santorini Assyrtiko 2015, White

Semeli Feast 2015, Red 
Semeli Feast 2015, White
Semeli Mantinea Nasiakos 2015, White

Skouras, Cuvee Prestige 2015, White
Skouras, Cuvee Prestige 2015, Rose 
Skouras, Cuvee Prestige 2014, Red
Skouras, Nemea St George 2013, Red

Tetramythos, Black Kalavryta 2015, Red 
Tetramythos, Retsina 2015, White
Tetramythos, Muscat Nature 2015, White

Thymiopoulos, Jeunes Vignes Xinomavro 2015, Red

Samos -
Samos, Vin Doux 2015, White Dessert
Samos, Grand Cru 2015, White Dessert
Samos, Athemis 2008, White Dessert
Samos, Nectar 2009, White Dessert

Gentilini -
Gentilini, Robola Kefalonia 2015, White

Wine Racks US

Karavitakis -
Karavitakis, Little Prince Kotsifali/ Mandelaria 2014, Red
Karavitakis, Little Prince Vilana/Vidiano 2015, White
Karavitakis, Klima Vidiano 2015, White

Theatre of Wine -

Oikonomou, Sitia Crete, Vilana - Thrapsathiri 2013, White
Oikonomou, Liatiko 2006, Red
Oikonomou, Liatiko 2014, Rose 

Hallgarten Druitt & Novum Wines – - UK contact: Evangelia Tevekelidou [email protected]

Thiasos, PGI 2013, White 
Thiasos, PGI 2013, Red

Gerovassiliou -
Gerovassiliou, Avaton PGI Epanomi 2012
Gerovassiliou, Estate PGI Epanomi 2011, Red  
Gerovassiliou, Malagousia PGI Epanomi 2015, White
Gerovassiliou, Estate Malagousia/Assyrtiko PGI Epanomi 2015, White
Gerovassiliou, Viognier 2015, White

Manolesakis -
Manolesakis, Exis 2015, Red
Manolesakis, Exis 2015, White

Monemvasia Winery -
Monemvasia Winery, Monemvasios 2007, Red
Monemvasia Winery, Kydonitsa PGI Laconia 2015, White
Monemvasia Winery, Metropolis PGI Peloponnese 2014, White
Monemvasia Winery, Asproudi 2015, White

Gaia Wines -
Gaia Wines, Notios PGI 2015, Red
Gaia Wines, Notios PGI 2015, White
Gaia Wines, Aghiorghitiko PDO Nemea 2014, Red 
Gaia Wines, Thalassitis Assyrtiko 2015, White 
Gaia Wines, Wild Ferment Assyrtiko 2015, White 
Gaia Wines, S Agiorgitiko Syrah PGI Nemea 2014, Red
Gaia Wines, PDO Nemea 2013, Red
Gaia Wines, Ritinitis Nobilis Retsina, White

Idaia Winery
Idaia Winery, Vidiano 2015, White
Idaia Winery, Idaia Gi Vilana 2015, White
Idaia Winery, Ocean Thrapshathiri 2015, White


Santo Wines Santorini Assyrtiko 2015, White
Santo Wines Santorini Nykteri 2015, White
Santo Wines Santorini Vinsanto 2009, White
Santo Wines Santo Sparkling Methode Traditionnelle 2013, White
Santo Wines Santorini Assyrtiko Grande Reserve 2013, White
Tsantali Rapsani Reserve 2012, Red
Tsantali Rapsani Grande Reserve 2009, Red
Tsantali Organic Cabernet Sauvignon 2014, Red
Tsantali Kanenas 2014, Red
Tsantali Klima Organic Assyrtiko 2015, White
Tsantali Emmetros Logos 2015, Rose
Tsantali Maronia Mavroudi 2013, Red

Kir-Yianni -

Kir-Yianni, Diaporos PGI Imathia, Single Vineyard Xinomavro, 2012, Red
Kir-Yianni, Dyo Elies PGI Imathia, Estate Grown Syrah blend, 2013, Red
Kir-Yianni, Ramnista PDO Naoussa, Single Vineyard Xinomavro, 2012, Red
Kir-Yianni, Paranga Red PGI Macedonia, Merlot Blend, 2014, Red
Kir-Yianni, Paranga White PGI Macedonia Roditis/Malagouzia blend, 2015, White
Kir-Yianni, Akakies Rose PDO Amydeon, Xinomavro, 2015, Rose


Biblia Chora, Areti White, Assyrtiko, 2015, White
Biblia Chora, Areti Red, Agiorgitiko, 2009, Red
Biblia Chora, Glikis, Gewurtzraminer, nv, White
Biblia Chora, Biblinos Oenos, 2011, Red
Biblia Chora, Sole, Pinot Noir, 2013, Red
Biblia Chora, Red, Merlot/Cabernet/Agior., 2010, Red

Gerovassiliou, Evangelo, Syrah/Viognier, 2011, Red

Katsaros, Chardonnay, 2014, White
Katsaros, Xinomavro, 2013, Red
Katsaros, Cabernet, 2008, Red
Katsaros, Merlot, 2009, Red

Parparoussis, Gift of Dionysos, Sideritis, 2015, White
Parparoussis, Petite Fleur, Sideritis Rose, 2015, Rose
Parparoussis, Oenofilos, Cabernet/Mavrodaphne, 2011, Red
Parparoussis, Mavrodaphne Dessert, 2003, Dessert
Parparoussis, Moschato Dessert, 2010, Dessert
Parparoussis, Reserve, Agiorgitiko, 2010, Red

Driopi Nemea, Agiorgitiko, 2013, Red
Driopi Nemea Reserve, Agiorgitiko, 2012, Red

Tselepos, Santorini, Assyrtiko, 2015, White

Rhous, Estate white, Muscat Spina/Vidiano, 2015, White
Rhous Skipper White, Vidiano/Plyto, 2014, White


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